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Price: $15 per video. Please E-MAIL any specific questions. Tape length is 1 hour to 2 hours per tape, recorded in SP mode. Please add $5.00 to total order for shipping.


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Send payment to:

Dave Downey

2608 Watt Ave

Sacramento, CA 95821


All titles are assumed to be public domain, and will be removed upon request. Sold & traded on a collector to collector basis, with no rights known, implied, or given. Trades are encouraged, please send me your trade list.

  1. Attack of the Mushroom People

  2. Bad Taste

  3. Beat Girl

  4. Betty Page Collection

  5. Black Sunday

  6. Brain Dead (Dead-Alive, uncut)

  7. Brain that Wouldn't Die

  8. Bride of the Monster

  9. Fantastic 4 Movie

  10. Forbidden Zone

  11. From Hell It Came

  12. Garbage Pail Kids

  13. Giant Claw

  14. Glen or Glenda

  15. Invasion of the Saucer Men

  16. Jabberwocky

  17. Jail Bait

  18. Justice League Movie

  19. Killer Shrews

  20. Mad Monster Party?

  21. Meet the Feebles

  22. Mr. Sardonicus

  23. Pee Wee Herman - School, Girls, & You (15 minutes, free with any other video!)

  24. Star Wars Holiday Special